If you want to learn how to use your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, I offer patient, friendly, in-home tutoring. Below are some of the things I regularly teach my clients.

Mac Basics

New to the Mac? Learn to use the Finder, the Dock, Spotlight Search, and Mission Control. Discover keyboard shortcuts and trackpad tricks that can save you time. Figure out where your Downloads go. Have an all-in-one printer and no idea how to scan? I’ll show you.

iPhone/iPad Basics

New to iOS? Learn to find, install, and organize apps. Master multitasking, explore the Control Center, and get to know Siri. Use iCloud to store and sync your most important information across all your Apple devices. Learn how to make your battery last all day.


Have you ever forgotten a password – or, worse, been hacked?! Use a password manager to create super-strong passwords, store them securely, sync them to all your devices, and automatically log in to your accounts. Never forget another password!


Do you have thousands of photos in iPhoto and no idea how to organize them? I’ll help you collect them all in one place, reduplicate them, and then organize them using events, faces, and places. I’ll show you how to choose your favorite photos, edit them, and share them with friends and family.


Do you shoot video with your iPhone or iPad? Learn to import clips into iMovie and produce a high-definition movie with professional titles, transitions, and background music to share with family and friends.

Pages & Numbers

Learn to use Apple’s office apps to create beautiful documents and spreadsheets. Open and edit Word and Excel files without installing Microsoft Office. Store your files on iCloud Drive and edit the same files with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, whichever is handy. Create posters, flyers, letters, budgets, envelopes,

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