Beacon Privacy Statement

Your Privacy Comes First

Beacon diagnostic software is designed to provide best-in-class issue detection with minimal access to personal data.

The following information is gathered about a computer:

  • Upon installation, a random ID is generated and used to identify status reports.
  • A “Group” name is assigned, for use in sorting reports.
  • The computer’s serial number is also used for sorting reports.
  • The name of the computer, visible in:
    Sharing PreferencePane (Mac), System Control Panel (Windows), Hostname (Linux)
  • The ‘short name’ of the user who last logged into the computer
  • In some cases, the email address associated with online backup systems will be reported.

Beacon does not track the following types of information:

  • The agent does not track screen or keyboard activity
  • The agent does not inspect browser history, or other similar user actions.
  • The agent does not read inside user-created data (no pdf, png, doc, etc)
  • The agent does not send raw logs, instead it only sends test results
  • The computer’s physical location is not tracked