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Apple & Nike kill FuelBand

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I will say that the relationship between Nike and Apple will continue. And I am personally, as we all are at Nike, very excited about what’s to come.

Nike CEO Mark Parker, speaking to CNBC earlier today — in the same interview in which he indirectly confirmed the ultimate demise of the FuelBand, something which his company has just previously refuted. (via parislemon)

diverse emoji please

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I think the issue is that where ever Apple chooses to use an identifiable human skin color on their emoji renderings, that skin color is always white. Except for the turban guy, who’s brown, and the Chinese hat guy, who has East Asian features. Apple could have easily chosen ethically diverse renderings: for instance, using white skin on ‘older man’ (U 1F474) and dark skin on ‘information desk person’ (U 1F481). Or making ‘couple with heart’ (U 1F491) interracial!