Comprehensive Support

I offer comprehensive Apple-focused computer support for small businesses and home offices, aimed at keeping your Macs, iPhones, and iPads fully operational and optimized. Monitoring, management, Q&A helpdesk, and quarterly checkups are the basis of my monthly support package. I also provide onsite support, strategic consulting, and special projects at a standard hourly rate.

Monitoring with Beacon

My monitoring tool, Beacon, keeps a watchful eye on Mac OS X hardware and software systems with lightweight integrity tests which run every hour. Beacon’s testing includes hard drive capacity and health, backup status, battery capacity, system uptime, and more. When Beacon discovers a problem, an email alert notifies me immediately. Monitoring allows us to proactively identify issues and fix them before they cost you downtime. Beacon also logs technical details, such as OS version, amount of RAM, Mac model, and serial number so I can advise you about software and hardware upgrades.

Management with Bootstrap

The complement to monitoring is my active management tool, Bootstrap. Bootstrap saves your users the work of maintaining their Macs by handling many common tasks automatically and without interrupting their daily work. Bootstrap takes care of installing software and security updates, removing malware, running anti-virus scans, and repairing permissions. It also performs deeper maintenance including filesystem repairs and cache cleaning. Bootstrap eliminates common causes of support requests and reduces troubleshooting time when support is required.

Q&A Helpdesk

Many issues can be resolved in less than 15 minutes by phone, email, or messaging. I will answer any quick questions and try to resolve any small issues at no additional charge, for incidents up to 15 minutes. (Consultations longer than 15 minutes are billed at normal hourly rates.)

Quarterly Checkups

We will schedule seasonal checkups four times per year, to meet by phone or in person, review your hardware and software needs, verify backups, and check in about your overall technology strategy.


Monitoring, Management, Q&A Helpdesk,
and Quarterly Checkups
Household, 1-2 users $‎ 79
Office, 1-4 users $‎ 149
Office, 5-10 users $‎ 249